Andrew Derrington

Freelance Production Technician

Lighting Designer & iPhone Developer


iPhone Development


I began iPhone development back in April 2009, It started with wanting to have access to information on the most popular lighting fixtures, dimmers and consoles around.

After some research i began learning C Objective and signed up as an iPhone developer.

After months of development, on the 2nd December 2009, Lighting Handbook went on sale worldwide.

Since designing Lighting Handbook i have been approached by lighting companies to include their products in my app, and had some fantastic feedback from the users. I’ve also been approached by a large lighting company, a Set/Props hire company and L’Oreal to design and build their apps.

All theses apps are now live within the app-store and available to download, you can have a look at them with the links on the right.

One of the apps, Event idea’s provides detailed information on some of the most popular london venues as well as all of invisible blue directs hire stock.

White Lights Limited’s apps are a portable reference guide covering items like:

• White Light News

  1. Information on over 500 items - Moving lights, Dimmers, Desks etc

  2. A Lamp reference guide

  3. Pin out guide

  4. Beam angle calculator

  5. Gobo reference - over 200 commonly used gobo’s

  6. H&S Documents

Lots and lots more!

L’Oreal’s app is for their HairIDOL tour/competition which takes place around the UK every year. It allows salons and contestants to keep up to date with the competition and see whats new in the world of hair styling.

To learn more about Lighting Handbook, please visit either the iTunes Link, or have a look at the web-page



White Light Pro Reference Guide - iTunes

L’Oreal HairIDOL Xtra - iTunes